My daughter is a pre-pro ballet dancer who has been training with Ms. Vita for almost a year. In a short period of time, she has dramatically increased her flexibility, strength, turnout and upper body position. Ms. Vita has an in depth understanding of proper Vaganova body placement including port de bras, extension, position of the feet, and turnout. Additionally, she has an extraordinary gift for teaching and knows how to push for maximum effort, but always with kindness and encouragement. It is often difficult for ballet teachers to have the time to correct alignment issues in a class with many students which can lead to injury over a period of many years, especially when dancers are in development. The service that Ms. Vita is providing is the perfect complement to ballet training; individualized and personal coaching to achieve one's best classical line and injury prevention. We are so incredibly grateful to have found Ms. Vita!!

Cheri C.

...perfect complement to ballet training...

Chloe Colter by @rhileephotog

Chloe Colter
presently student of Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet,
St. Petersburg, Russia; Prix de Lausanne 2021
Adeline is a young pre professional ballet student. As part of her passion to train and become a better ballet student she was eager to work on her flexibility and strength. During our search to find the right kind of stretching coach that had experience in particular with ballet dancers we were referred to Vita Bachman. Adeline has been working with Ms. Vita now for almost 4 years and has seen such tremendous improvement in her flexibility that shines through in her ballet technique. We believe that her increased flexibility has helped her ballet as well as increased her strength and conditioning and most importantly has helped her stay injury-free.

Toni Dunlap

...has seen such tremendous improvement in her flexibility...

Adeline by @rhileephotog

When I was 6 years old, (I am now 16) I wanted to sign up for gymnastics lessons just for fun. We walked into our local gym and my eyes were immediately drawn towards the rhythmic gymnasts. Their grace, flexibility, and captivating movements were so beautiful to watch. Mrs. Vita was their coach and asked if I wanted to try it. I said yes, of course! She taught me to be disciplined and focused and that has made a lasting impression on me because I am now a ballerina. Her flexibility coaching and technical demands helped me improve so much! She is dedicated to her sport and an amazing teacher. I will forever appreciate and remember the impact she made in my life.

Katya K.

She is...an amazing teacher...

Katya Klein by Vihao Pham

Caroline Harris is an accomplished figure skater who won the 2017 Intermediate Ladies Southwest Regional and Pacific Coast Sectional Figure Skating Championships. With those victories, Caroline qualified for the 2017 US Figure Skating Intermediate Ladies National Championship where she finished in the Top 10 in the country. The sport of Figure Skating is highly competitive, but Caroline has been successful in large part due to the lessons she learned at an early age while she was a student of Vita Bachman in Rhythmic Gymnastics. As a coach, Vita taught Caroline 2 very important things that have stayed with her throughout the years. First, Vita pushes here athletes to attain their maximum potential. But she does in a way that they know if they work hard, they will be successful. That strong work ethic remains with Caroline to this day and has led to her success on the ice. The second thing that Vita taught Caroline was that preparation was also a key to success. And that preparation includes proper warm up and stretching. Caroline still uses the techniques for warm up and stretching that Vita taught her at an early age. So in summary, Vita provided Caroline with a solid foundation in terms of work ethic and physical preparation that are key to her success in Figure Skating today. Caroline recommends her highly as a result.

Caroline H.

Solid foundation in terms of work ethic and physical preparation...

Caroline Harris

Our older daughter has been training under Miss Vita’s expert eye for nearly four years now and our younger one joined the preteam this fall. We could not be happier with the coaching and guidance at Beyond Limits. It makes a world of a difference to have a head coach whose philosophy encompasses not only skills development but also a focus on the girls’ characters. All the coaches train with a firm but gentle hand, with an careful balance of pushing the girls to personal excellence while maintaining a culture of encouragement, mutual support and respect. We highly recommend Beyond Limits for anyone interested in this beautiful sport!

Hannah G.

All the coaches train with a firm but gentle hand...
As a two-time Olympic figure skater, professional coach, and mother of a 5-year-old, I couldn't have been happier to discover Vita. Her passion and patience are unique, and her integrity and simple love of teaching make her the best in the area by far! Mia started rhythmic gymnastics at four years old and participated in her first competition by the end of that season. Rhythmic gymnastics is a great foundation for most sports; it teaches superior stretching of all muscles, beautiful posture, body alignment and basic ballet technique. All of that makes rhythmic gymnastics very important for figure skating and numerous other sports. All of my students who are figure skaters take lessons with Vita. As a result of Vita's teaching they are doing a fantastic job at skating. I appreciate Vita for giving Mia proper foundation for achieving success in rhythmic gymnastics and ice skating.

Julia G.

Her passion and patience are unique...
After training with Vita, Katie developed a discipline and focus that has shaped her into the athletes and dancer she is today. We are thankful for Vita's level of commitment and dedication to our daughter. Today katie is a professional dancer with an incredible work ethic.

Jennifer B.

...commitment and dedication...