Vita believes in ballet-based technique enriched with rhythmic gymnastics training, proper body alignment and control. She encourages her students to expand their limits though a consistent, gradual, and individual approach. Vita often advises, "Flexibility without strength can be dangerous." Students' safety and the longevity of their careers is most important, therefore Vita encourages each student to develop awareness of their internal boundaries and communicate them to the instructor.


Vita's methods combine carefully selected exercises for proper warm-up, flexibility, and strength development.

In this day and age of easy access to various kinds of ideas, articles, training videos and classes it's easy to develop false perception of flexibility training. Many aspiring young artists imitate the more advanced ones without taking into account unknown factors which may lead to injuries. Common mistakes are:

  • using methods or intensity inappropriate for their age, skill level or physique
  • using wrong technique: improper body alignment and lack of muscle control
  • omitting strength and muscle memory development necessary to make their flexibility useful and safe
  • not balancing out their stretching on both sides evenly, but favoring their "good" side
  • pursuing fast results by stretching too forcefully

Vita works with students of all levels, from beginners to professional: dancers of various styles, rhythmic and artistic gymnasts, aerial dancers, contortionists, and figure skaters. She is aware of the nuances of each discipline and adjusts her lessons accordingly based on their activity, age, skill level, and personal goals.

As for her very young students, Vita is passionate about giving them a solid foundation to build upon which opens doors for various sports and activities. She offers developmental classes for 4-7 year olds which are based on rhythmic gymnastics training and emphasize overall physical development: muscle memory, proper body alignment, coordination, age-appropriate flexibility and strength training. Her youngest students usually transition really well into the discipline of their choice with a noticeable head start.