Rhythmic Gymnastics

Beyond Limits Rhythmic Gymnastics strives to provide high quality instruction while building character through sport for girls of all ages and ability levels in a positive and encouraging environment using safe and proven training methods. 

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful Olympic sports to watch! It combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics and dance while creatively manipulating hand apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. Rhythmic gymnastics is the sport which requires high degree of technique, precision, strength and flexibility. For this reason dancers of various styles, figure skaters and other athletic artists often come to cross-train with us.

This program is specifically designed for young children in accordance with their physical, social, emotional and developmental needs. The students of this age group are introduced to the sport of rhythmic  gymnastics in a fun, engaging way and begin to develop appreciation of movement and athleticism, work on strength,  flexibility, body awareness, coordination, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Little athletes will also learn important life skills such as attentiveness, taking turns, following directions and  interacting with coaches and peers in a  positive way. Contact us for a trial class!

Recreational rhythmic gymnastics is a designed for girls age 5-8

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