About the Instructor

Vita Bachman

Vita Bachman is the owner and head coach of Stretching Beyond Limits, a cross-training program designed to address flexibility, strength training, and the development of the physical abilities needed for aesthetic dance based movement. She works with dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, and performers of various disciplines, taking into account the nuances of each discipline as well as each student’s individual goals. Vita’s focus is not only on effectiveness, but also on the safety, health and physical longevity of each student.

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Vita trained and competed in rhythmic gymnastics nationally and internationally and achieved the Candidate to Master of Sports level. She was trained by Natalia Kiselyova, a Ukrainian National Team coach. In 1996 after retiring from rhythmic, she decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration from the International Christian University in Kiev, Ukraine, all the while continuing her involvement in rhythmic gymnastics as a coach.

After moving to the United States in 2000 to pursue her MBA from the University of Tennessee, Vita stayed involved in the sport and produced numerous state and regional champions, and nearly 30 of her students qualified for the Junior Olympics National Championships. In 2005, she was elected the USA Gymnastics' Rhythmic Regional Director and served in this capacity for seven years.

Vita works with dancers from several dance schools, including the Chamberlain School of Ballet, The Dallas Conservatory, The Dance Space, Booker T. Washington, Next Step Dance, ECC and several others. Vita also works with the Dallas Figure Skating Club and has been on staff with the Lone Star Circus School.

Vita is committed to continuing her own education through workshops, online and in-person courses, as well as personal research on safe and effective practices for cross-training athletes and dancers. She has completed her background check and been Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics. Vita is married to Bill Bachman, a world-renowned percussion instructor and they have three young children. Her two daughters are involved in rhythmic and dance.